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Life is never ever boring at S.G.S. – sometimes we wish it would be  more so. Boring means less rescues, less suffering, less sadness and pain. Boring means nice sunny spring or autum weather, not storms or heat or snow. Boring means all goes according to plan.

There are days we have one rescue after the other on  some other days, we just try and catch up with the dreaded paperwork. The happiest days are of course when our charges are finally able to move on and out. Then we scramble about getting them groomed, bathed and “dolled up” for their happiest day.
“Of sound body and mind” as they say they venture forth into their new life. Those days we cry a little and laugh a lot. – Thanks to you who make it possible to rescue these animals.

So let us say “Thank you!” to you out there who are the most important people out there: the “Forever rescuers”.

Here you will find our featured animals and stories. – In short anything we find worthwhile to give it center stage attention.


We are Family!!!

We are Family!!!

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Maximus – Then and Now

Then and Now

Then and Now

I hope you all see what I see:

A proud, majestic animal in the making. A happy Giant …
He has come a long way on his road of recovery, but he still has his surgeries before him.

Medical News of Maximus

 Hospital and Vet Marathon NR. 2

20130110_162124Our friend Jeannette van Asperen from Holland is the founder of Huize Zwerfhond, an organisation dedicated to help stray animals from Spain and Greece. When she learned of Maximus’ story and saw his pictures she didn’t give it much thought, but came to Greece to see for herself, what could be done for Maximus.What better way, then to take her along to consult directly with the vets here in Athens? – All in all we have consulted by now 2 general practitioner and 4 orthopaedic vets as well as 2 vets outside of Greece, 1 of which is in Holland and specialized in this type of dog: heavy and giant breeds.
All vets came to the same conclusion: Maximus is in constant pain and Maximus needs surgery!

Since in Holland there are better facilities for pre- and post- OP care available, such as physiotherapy centers and aqua-therapy, allowing Maximus to build up his muscle tone of his destroyed leg, we have accepted with great pleasure and relief the offer of Huize Zwerfhond to operate Maximus in Holland. Maximus will travel to Holland by the end of the month for his surgery. Without it, Maximus could not live pain free or even walk.

NGO sponsoring Maximus

NGO sponsoring Maximus

Please consider, if you can donate, fund raise or help Maximus in any small or large way – contact for this either us or Huize Zwerfhond (in English or German), Project: “Help Maximus”.Help this gentle giant, who has been abused repeatedly in the past, who has learned to live in fear, yet still loves humans, he who was found as a barely walking skeleton standing on deaths threshold. Give him a chance! He wants to live and …. smile.

How Maximus looked when he was found by Elaine K.

How Maximus looked when he was found by Elaine K.


Second Day after collection

Second Day after collection

Maximus – The Voice

A playful BIG boy

Maximus has discovered his voice and his playfullness. With the help of pain killers he discovers the better side of life ….. Eventhough it is just the beginning of it …

Maximus will need orthopaedic surgery, which will be performed by a surgeon in Holland, specialized in heavy and giant breed dogs.  Our friends in Holland, Huize Zwerfhond have offered to “Help Maximus” and sponsor this surgery, as well as do the after care, physiotherapy and the homing of our big baby.
If you are able to help Maximus and contribute towards his medical expenses no matter how small or large your donation, please contact Huize Zwerfhond, who as a charity finance themselves exclusively through donations.

Maximus – A Giant Step

After the return from the hospital

Maximus has recovered as much from starvation as to take a first few steps.
Now we are trying to adress the problem of his hip, so he can walk and move pain free.
If you like to help Maximus you can do so by contacting us or Huize Zwerfhond

Maximus – The German Visitor

“I could get used to this!!!”

Maximus seems to think and settle into getting petted by yet another visitor, this time from Germany.

Maximus – The Friend

Best of friends …..

You know how kids form new “Best Friends” within seconds?
Well this is our Maximus …. In spite of all the abuse -

Maximus – His Road to Recovery

A Christmas Surprise

Maximus is with us since December 7th, 2012. Since then he has left his bed only with our help. Too servere was his level of starvation and too painful his injury in combination with the little strength this dog still was able to muster.

Until …… Christmas!

Bed Time Stories

"I am not getting out of bed .... unless you say Treats!"

“I am not getting out of bed …. unless you say Treats!”

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner -

Maximus is doing great. His tail is working again, he is more alert, he loves his bed and lounges all day under the heating lamp.
Of course he is still very very skinny and still to weak to be operated on.
We hope that in 2 weeks time or after the holidays he is healthy enough to be operated on – both his hip and being castrated at the same time. For now, the vet thinks it is better not to sedate him to take x-rays of his hind quarter as he was extreme slow to recover from the tranquilizer Elaine gave him in order to convince him for his own good and bring him to us. Let’s play it save and let’s continue the Erlichiosis (tick fever, causes heavy bleeding) therapy.
Tomorrow he will start on vitamins and specialized recovery food, now that his body is “used” to food again.

Starved - Still - December 14th, 2012

Starved – Still – December 14th, 2012


A Ghost of a Dog

Maximus was found by Elaine and her husband. They live in Ermioni, Greece and happend to come across this walking skeleton by chance. – The change of luck Maximus needed and were dreaming about.
Currently we are not able to tell with certainty what dog he really is – breed mix that is – for all the hangind folds of skin. He could be a Greek Shepherd or a “Molossos Hpeirou” a Greek Molossos.
He is a tall big guy. A majestic dog, who in his younger years must have been very impressive. Now he is only the shadow of himself. Folds of skin hang about him, he has marks of abuse all over his body. His head has parallel lashes or healing gashes. Was he beaten?
Maximus has  a dislocated hip, it happened some time ago. He will need surgery to set it right again – but FIRST – Maximus must gain some of his stregth back.

He only weighs now 34kg. Standing 65-75cm tall (he could not stand upright) he should weigh in at about 65kg. So right now he weighs about 40-50% of his normal body weight. Such loss of body mass can be put on only slowly within time and special food, vitamins, watching the blood readings as not to overburden the liver and kidneys.

On the 10th of December we will order extensive blood tests to determine his full medical condition and take it from there.